Wheaton's Law

First used to encourage sportsmanship in online gaming, this simple guide to life -- "don't be a dick" -- has taken on a life of its own.

Wheaton, of course, is the amazing actor, writer and all-around nice person Wil Wheaton, who first gained fame as young Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation but is now well known for his books and blogs. Find out more about what he's up to at wilwheaton.net.

Wheaton's birthday, July 29, is Don't Be a Dick Day, although I'm sure he hopes you work on not being a dick every day.

I am not in any way connected to Mr. Wheaton except as a fan and a believer. If this law helps you be a better person, you should probably buy his stuff. I made this site to give people a handy reference when encouraging others to follow Wheaton's Law.

I love this so much! Thank you for helping to spread the word.
-- Actual email from Wil Wheaton to me.